syn logo colorThe primary purpose for a logo is immediate and lasting recognition. It is easy to conjure up images of crisp fries when you see those golden arches, or hear music in your head when you see that piece of fruit.  The logo is one aspect of a company’s commercial brand, and the shapes, colors, fonts, and images you use to define your logo usually are different from others in a similar market. A logo sets your company apart from your industry competition and makes you recognizable.  It is also the jumping off point when thinking about your company’s website and social media foundations.

There are many advantages of having a logo. It tells customers who you are and lets people know a little about your business.  A picture is worth 1000 words and your logo is the most important picture your business can create.  A well designed logo will set you apart from your competitors and may get you those extra customers. 

As much as we don’t want to admit it, people make judgments based on first impressions.  Your logo is your first impression. Overall a logo can greatly improve your business image and have a positive affect on your customers.  It is the design, color and feel of your logo that will set the tone for your website.  Whether it is the soft and airy colors of the beach for vacation rentals, or dark and intense hues for the newest fusion restaurant, your logo will make that impression and give your customers a hint as to what your company is all about.

Here are the key components to making your logo iconic. Your logo should describe your company, be memorable, and should be equally effective in black and white.   It should be simple yet still give off a powerful statement about your business. 

Sound easy?  It’s not.

The first hurdle will be a barrage of questions that you should ask yourself if you are designing your own logo – or be prepared to share with your designer.  Your logo needs to describe your business, and there are many elements which help to make this description materialize.  Your values and company mission are important.  The logo needs to share with your audience what it is you do and how you accomplish it.  A good designer will be able to take all of your ideas and answers to create the perfect visual snapshot of your company.

Companies with memorable logos will stand the test of time.  Almost every child and adult will recognize logos from popular fast-food restaurants.  My kids would point to the golden arches and say “fry fries” before I turned into the parking lot.  This creates a lasting visual impression which will lead to future consumer loyalty.  (Yes, my teenage kids now enjoy McD’s more than Jack or KFC).  The food industry is not the only expert on effective logo usage.  When you think about running shoes, do you think of Nike Swoosh?  What about the MasterCard logo – does it call to mind their “priceless” commercials?  When you want to ship a package, does FedEx pop in your head first?  These companies all know how to effectively use of their logos.

syn logo bwSo you have your perfect logo, full of color and graphics.  How will it look on a flyer when someone makes a black and white copy?  It may seem minor, but your future advertising may be limited to one or no color.  Not every logo looks as powerful in black and white.   These logos are just as recognizable and powerful without their color.  This is what you should be striving for with your own logo.

Suppose you were to pass a logo on a huge billboard.  Would you remember it 5 seconds after you have passed?  Not if it is busy and confusing.  Logos need to be simple to make them quickly recognizable.  It does no good to have a logo that is not easily remembered.

The key to a good logo design is to think outside of your comfort zone.  Be open to ideas and suggestions and solicit advice from close friends.  This is one of the most important things you can do for your business, so give it the time and energy it deserves.

Written by Diane

Diane is the Creative Consultant for Synergetic Web Group. Together with the owner Jenny, they create the team building fabulous websites for small businesses.

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