If you noticed, The Small Biz Blog has been quite for a couple months. We haven’t forgotten about the blog, but it did take a back seat for a couple months. This blog is created by the folks at Synergetic Web Group. Recently, Synergetic opened a new office located in Dublin, CA. Dublin is part of the Tri-Valley area and in the heart of the East Bay.

The new office is located at 7000 Village Parkway, Suite 2, Dublin, CA. You can reach the office directly at 925-560-0692.

This is a great example of why we suggest to viewers to always have a couple blog posts ready on the back burner. If you have post ready in advance, you can schedule them to be posted ahead of time. This is definitely a time where we needed to practice what we preach.

Why is this important? Momentum. If blogging falls off your plate, it’s easy to forget about it for longer. SEO. Search engines reward fresh and relevant content. This is more true while you’re building your site ranking than once you’re established in the listings.

We’ve got many new topics in the works….. including Social Media Analytics, How to Add Google Maps to your Site and more!

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