Here’s my favorite blog posts of the week:

1. Finding Customers around the World: Announcing SBA’s Export Video Contest –

The SBA and Visa are sponsoring a contest for small business owners to produce a video “Where will my next customer come from?”.  Businesses can submit their export stories in 3 minute high def videos.  Winners will receive cash prizes.  I see this as a dual purpose – it could be a content submission, you tube piece, and a marketing video for your site. Videos must be uploaded by Sept. 3 so get started soon!

2. When Bad Things Happen To Productive People –

This is an interesting post – more of tips really.  I found it particularly helpful right now when I’m looking towards a hectic week.  If you don’t follow 99% on Twitter, I would suggest adding them.  They have great insights from time to time.

3.  How to Share Company Financials With Your Employees –

How transparent should small business owners be with company finances? Learn what to share and, most importantly, what not to share.

4. 10 Money-Saving iPhone Apps for Business Travel –

Small businesses don’t have the large corporate spending accounts that some travelers do.  Often, the money spent travelling is money directly out of our own pockets.  Don’t spend any more than you have to by using these helpful apps.  Don’t forget to rate them to help others too.

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