Everyone knows that search engine placement is important, but do you know why?  I mean really… if someone is looking for you, they’ll keep scrolling through the list of results to find your company.  Right?  No.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, click-thru rates decline by over 50% if you are listed on the second page of results versus the second.

syn pie chart

Front Page Position   Click-Thru Percent

          1st                      89%
          2nd                     33%
          3rd                     17%
          4th                     17%
          5th                      6%

How exactly do search engines rank their results?  Wouldn’t everyone like to know?  Algorithms used to determine ranking are one of the trades best kept secrets.  In the early days, search engines such as Google would let developers know how the pages were ranked.  Those days were short lived due to sites that would exploit that information to produce false results.

syn seo manThe important thing to remember is that search engines are always changing and to be successful with search engine placement means keeping up with the latest trends and updating your site accordingly.  Don’t have a budget for SEO?  It’s ok.   I’m actually not a fan of hiring SEO companies to assist with rankings.  I think it’s much more important to spend your money incorporating valuable content into your site.  Keep an eye out — more posts on SEO will be coming soon.

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