NSBW bannerCongratulations small business owners, this week is to celebrate you! This week has been celebrated since 1963 to recognize the contributions that small businesses make to the economy.

Did you know…

• More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business
• 60-80% of new jobs are created by small businesses
• the US has approximately 27 million small businesses

OPEN signIf you happen to live in Washington D.C. or are willing to travel, check out http://www.nationalsmallbusinessweek.com to view the schedule of activities. The events will also be webcasted live from the same site.

If you’re not able to attend the events in person, maybe spend some time this week honoring small businesses by making yours stronger. The Small Business Training Network offers free online courses and publications in a variety of topics including:

• Finance & Accounting
• Business Planning-lemonade-stand
• Starting a business
• Business management
• Government Contracting
• Surviving a slow economy
• Marketing and Advertising

To all the small business owners out there, congratulations. Your hard work, drive and determination help to make the US economy what it is today.

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