Many small businesses are hesitant to take their business online.  They may be worried about how easy it might be to sell online, about the maintenance an ecommerce store requires or about not having a web programmer on staff.

For most companies, I recommend using BigCommerce for their store! Why? It’s so easy.  BigCommerce is a hosted ecommerce solution.  What does that mean? They provide the servers, the system and everything needed to get the store up.  All the functions you could ever want are built in.  Here’s a few of the best features:

  • Complete template customization – any design
  • SEO friendly product links, category pages, news, etc.
  • Browse and buy on all mobile devices.
  • Sell on Facebook and sell on eBay
  • Physical or Download products
  • Bulk import or export thousands of products
  • No transaction fees – no hidden costs
  • Free trial – no credit card required

When would I not suggest using BigCommerce? Not very often to be honest.  The only clients I have suggested a different solution is when they only are selling 5 items or less.

If you want an easy, straightforward online store BigCommerce is the way to go.  You will want some help to get started.  Although they have lots of templates, you’ll probably want a professional designer to create a custom store for you.  Contact Synergetic Web Group today if you are looking for help with BigCommerce.

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