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Earlier today I was reading an old issue of BtoB and came across their social media marketing awards.  I only skimmed the article because they were huge companies like Microsoft, Cybase, EMC, etc.  While I’m sure I could learn something from these tech giants, I tend to focus my energy on how small companies with limited budgets and staff utilize social media.

Instead, a little column called “Ask the Expert” caught my eye.  The first couple questions were horrible, but the last asked about social media excellence.  I wasn’t surprised when I saw Cisco appear since they did win awards earlier in this issue. My eye was instantly drawn to the URL  It went on to say how this was single page portal to all of their feeds from blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.

A bit intrigued, I decided to go ahead and visit the site. I was instantly impressed by the simplicity of the site.   It was a great, user friendly way to display social media.   The way the feeds were displayed before asking you to like, follow, etc made it feel like you could make more of an informed decision.

I’m a pretty geeky person and avid lover of social media, which left me wondering why I’ve never seen this approach to incorporating social media.  It’s definitely something I hope to see more of in the future.  Kudos, Cisco, for opening my eyes to a new and very effective way to incorporate social media.

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